Fixer Ukraine: What We Offer

Fixer Ukraine is a group of media professionals that take care of all your film making and press coverage requirements. We are based in Kiev and have a network of directors, producers, fixers and journalists offering video and media production solutions.

Our clients come from all around the world to do media coverage or films in Ukraine. Our range of services make filming, research and location scouting simple and sustainable.

It can be challenging for international crews to meet a trusted Ukrainian fixer. This is why we are here to offer you recommendations from well-known journalists and international film makers.

The Fixer Ukraine team is organised as a production company in Ukraine offering a complete one-stop service to journalists and filmmakers.

Simply put, we are the most enthusiastic network of fixers, local producers, film crew, and journalists. Our team includes good researchers, production managers, and production coordinators. Hence we like to make things easier. We systemize, settle and see solutions, not problems. Thus we see ourselves as a valuable extension of your production team.

Services & Coverage

Fixer Ukraine acts as a one-stop-shop for filmmakers and journalists offering a number of services, including: general fixing in Ukraine, production assistance, location scouting, finding contributors, sourcing talent and crew.

Although we live in Kiev, we have contacts around the country and can also cover other regions. Some of our colleagues have worked as fixers in Crimea or around the Donetsk-Luhansk area.

Our services include:


Translation/production assistance/general fixing

Film and media crew hiring:

Cameraman, photographer, videographer, sound engineer, stagehand.

Location service:

permits, scouting


Filming production assistance


Equipment rental from our local partners.


Scheduling and logistics management .




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