Ukraine is a border country located at the confluence of the EU and Russia. Our country is a former Soviet republic with a population of 46 million inhabitants, independent since 1991. Ukraine used to be called “the former USSR granary”, but is also known for the Chernobyl catastrophe, the gas crisis or the more recent “orange revolution” and war with Russia.

The difficulty of finding an identity comes from the fact that for a long time Ukraine has been fragmented between the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, the current frontiers being drawn by Joseph Stalin.

Ukraine, city of Odessa

Filming in Ukraine: Cities

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is a cosmopolitan city, with a population of more than 2 million inhabitants, which offers tourists a wide variety of filming locations.

Other Europeans nicknamed it as the “Mother-City of All Slavonic Cities”, being one of the oldest settlements in Europe. The capital of Ukraine, the largest city in the country, is a great cultural and economic centre.

The Old City of Kiev is filled with historical buildings, the most appreciated being the Cathedral of St. Sofia with its magnificent mosaics and frescoes. The cathedral has 13 golden domes and was built in the 11th century.

Filming in Ukraine - conditions

Lviv is another important city of Ukraine. It was founded in 1256 and was a long-established trade centre in our country. The city is also an important cultural centre.

The people of Lviv created the first high school in 1661 and today the city also has a state university. The historical centre of the city is declared a UNESCO Objective. It is a truly fascinating area, with Baroque and the Renascentist architecture.

The most interesting landmarks here are the Ploscha Rynok Square with the Black House, the Armenian Cathedral and the Greek Cathedral as well as the Latin Cathedral.

Odessa, one of the main places in Southern Ukraine, is called “The Black Sea Pearl”. It is the largest Ukrainian city on the Black Sea shore and the 5th largest city in Ukraine.

Filming Conditions in Ukraine

It is generally possible to film with small crews in public places without much preparation. There are some exceptions that include locations related to security and state defence.

Privately owned areas need to be discussed with owners or entities that are entitled to grant access.

Filming in Ukraine: Authorities

Although Ukraine is seen by many westerners as a place torn apart by war, most of the country is quite stable.

Authorities are open to foreign journalists and film makers as long as the topic they cover is not related to war.

When the subject has to do with the recent conflict, reactions can be mixed. From reluctant contributors to people who really want to express themselves in front of international media.

Fixer Ukraine can assist in dealing with authorities in order to get the right approvals for filming in Ukraine.