Roman Balayan, VirkoBaley, Simon Barere, the Carpathian Mountains, Uman– these are some of the symbols of Ukraine. The role of Fixer Ukraine is to provide you all the necessary conditions to help unfold the day-to-day realities in Ukraine, its culture and characters.

Kiev (also known as Kyiv), the capital and largest city of Ukraine. Our city is a unique mix of Soviet and European culture and architecture. It is green and vivid.

Fixer Ukraine Crimea


Fixer Ukraine offers you the support you need if you are coming to Ukraine for media/news reports and movie/commercial productions. Hence we provide you with: translations, contributors, permits, equipment rental, bookings and logistics.

For filmmakers, our Ukraine film fixers are able to source crew and talent acting like a production company in Ukraine. In a similar way to the services we offer to journalists, we are a one-stop-shop for producers and movie directors.

Hiring production companies in Ukraine may prove costly. The Fixer Ukraine team can work in a very cost-effective way since nothing is done in-house and we have a relationship with a number of media service providers around the country.


We offer options for filming in Ukraine through our local partners and production company in Ukraine. Thus we can compare quotes and source gear in a cost effective way when filming in Ukraine.


Our country offers a pretty good variety of locations for both film makers and production companies that do TV commercials.

Depending on ownership and popularity, we can get access to locations in Ukraine for free or by paying a tax.

Our Ukrainian fixers generally try to sell our projects as a way to promote the country and the featured locations. Thus some hotel owners provide free accommodation or administrators of touristic landmarks may allow free access to film and TV crews.